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Well socialized, mild tempered, family oriented Doberman Puppies for sale. Check out our recent photos! USDA/AWA Inspected and Licensed. We are proud to be the first Doberman breeder in Tennessee, and the third dog breeder overall, to have passed the rigorous USDA/AWA inspection.

We do not raise line bred or inbreed Dobermans to concentrate on a specific trait such as tail or ears. We are developing a blend of American and European lines, resulting in dispositions we strive for in a Baptist Ridge Doberman. We concentrate on disposition and temperament. We raise Dobermans people want; Family oriented, genetically sound, well socialized Dobermans.

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Debbie - Posted about 5 years ago.

WONDERFUL!! We have had Dobies in the past, but the experience we have had with Baptist Ridge has been a blessing. The people are truly about the breed and the care of the animal. They pride themselves in the condition the dogs are kept...homelike setting, clean, no cages, lots of room, and TLC for both the females and males, and the puppies They have wonderful breeding stock, all are Vet Gen for diseases that are common in the Doberman... We first meet at the vet's office when our beloved Doberman boys were in for check ups. After meeting we went to see the operation and were so impressed that we made our reservation. All the adult dogs were friendly, happy, and smart... not to mention the confirmation was out-standing. The pup we got was everything and more than we anticipated. From the delivery, nursery to the puppy house our Hannah shines ... loving care, and understanding from imprinting to the development from birth to 8 weeks has helped in her development to transition into our home. We can't say enough about Baptist Ridge Dobermans... they do great service to the breed, and the family that are looking for a reputable breeder!! If you are looking for a Loyal, Noble, Devoted breed the Doberman is it... and Baptist Ridge is the place to reserve your puppy... WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!

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