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For over ten years, we have been carefully selecting German Shepherd Dogs of European bloodlines for work, security, and companionship. We want sensible dogs, gentle around children and pets, friendly to guests, yet with the courage to offer security to our family and to handle work with confidence: loyal, loveable, legendary–the sort of dog many of us grew up only dreaming about.

Our dogs are chosen not only for our personal security, but also for own work in Search and Rescue, Schutzhund, Obedience Competition, and Agility. Because we work our dogs, we know our dogs. The German Shepherd, known for its protective instinct, is one of the more versatile breeds, being able to perform in Therapy, Herding, as well as Security. Our bloodlines include the best of European lines. We produce huggable long coated (or long haired) German Shepherds as well as standard coated shepherds. We look for intelligent focus with a tireless work ethic. We treasure their ability to bond and cultivate this in our puppies.

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