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I have been showing and breeding Havanese since 1998, and have had Russian Toy since 2011. I belong to both parent clubs, and you will see that I have been and continue to be an active member of both clubs along with the Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Assoc. I do all health testing, and any dog who doesn't pass is eliminated from my breeding program. I have been lucky enough to have bred a dog that has won the National Specialty in 2010. However, I understand most people want pets, not show dogs, and I am ok with that. Feel free to call and ask questions about how my puppies are raised, and you are welcome to visit if you are a serious prospective buyer.

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Billie - Posted over 5 years ago.

Love my Havanese “My Little Rowdy” which is a misnomer. He is “My Little Love”. I thank you for your help in achieving my dream with this little guy.

Judy - Posted over 5 years ago.

We met Nona in 2005 when we were looking for a Havanese puppy. Consequently with her advice and direction we have two champion dogs. She taught us and led us through conformation and the show ring. She is always available for any question and was also the person who helped deliver three liters of puppies. She loves all of her dogs like family.

Kerri - Posted over 5 years ago.

It is a pleasure to review Nona Dietrich as a breeder of fine Russian Toy Terriers. I first contacted Nona over a year ago looking for a Russian Toy for agility and companionship. I had conducted a great deal of research prior to contacted Nona with my request. I have shown dogs for over 40 years and even though I was not looking for a show specimen, I definitely wanted the very best little forever companion available. Nona took a great deal of personal time conducting interviews with me to find the perfect fit between owner and dog. Video taping of the dogs environment was required along with a list of references and activities. Nona was well aware that I was willing to wait as long as it might take to find a match. Long story cut short, I ended up with a beautiful Russian girl that was about two years old. Paris has truly been the light of my household. She has been well socialized and is in outstanding health. Nona even took the time to have her spayed and teeth cleaned prior to me getting her from the currier she set up for me. Paris took right to agility and currently holds her Intermediate Toy Dog Agility Title. Nona has continued to call and follow our activities along with supporting us non-stop. In all the years I have shown, I have not met a breeder with this level of care and attention to detail. Nona takes her guardianship job seriously. If you are looking for a friend and you have a forever home to offer, you have been fortunate to find the very best in the dog world. Best Regards, Kerri Hite and Paris

Dee - Posted over 5 years ago.

Nona is the best breeder ever. I bought my Havanese Little Bit from her years ago. She cares about her dogs! If the Russian toys are half the dog her Havavese were you will get a gem if you deal with Nona.

Raphael - Posted over 5 years ago.

We've known Nona for 10 years. She's a great breeder and we'd recommend her to anyone that is looking for a top notch Havanese.

Cassandra - Posted over 5 years ago.

Nona is great to work with and very helpful. Beautiful dogs!!!

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