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2015 makes year 17 of successfully breeding miniature poodles, pekepoos and the occasional litter of pomapoos or dwarf doodles. Traditional colors such as white & cream, black & silver, chocolate & cafe as well as hard to find exotic merle colors: silver merle, blue merle and chocolate merles available in all breeds.

Loads of experience shared with you on our website - from selecting the right pup to match your personality and home life, to getting ready for a new pup, puppy care and health maintenance, hair care, upkeep and grooming and so much more! 100+ pages on our website chockful with valuable information all in one central spot - free for you to use!

Visit our website for well rounded info about us, our dogs and your future pup! Loads of photos, video clips, info, personality profile, parent info for each individual furbaby and so much more. www.poodlepleasure.com

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Sabine - Posted almost 5 years ago.

Sabine Greene of Poodle Pleasure is the kind of breeder that is increasingly hard to find. I know her to be an outstanding breeder, who stand by her breedings. This was an email I sent to Sabine, after receiving the perfect silver mini poodle if there ever was one:-) [we both have the same first name] Hi Sabine, We had a couple of cool mornings and evenings, but it's a ridiculously hot today... waiting for fall!!!! Luciano is fully accepted and a part of the crew. Leonardo and DaVinci seem to really enjoy him, however, since Luciano is still tiny, he often is being held down by one of them. He has the tendency to run under their chin when they are resting and chews their ears much to my dismay, too. He LOVES hair of any kind! So when the afghans have enough of his antics either one will just use a paw to hold him down, and all his protest can't safe him ... LOL Tobias and Remington, the two poms love to play and run with him, and their enjoyment of his company seems to increase over time, as Luciano is learning his 'place' with everyone. Besides the word is out that he can be a puppy pest;-0. I am very happy with him, should you need a reference with Jersey people, I'll happily talk to them about my experience with you and Luciano, of course! Ecstatic and over-the-moon, Sabine Ps: can no longer imagine having any other kind of dog again, the next time I feel the need to add a pup, I'll be calling you and just wait for the pup you think is for me, you were perfectly on point with Luciano, can't be an accident!! XOXO

Beth - Posted about 5 years ago.

This is an older picture of my Annie which I purchased from Sabine in September of 2012. Every chance I get I tell people if they are looking for a poodle they need to check her out. It doesn't take long to realize her dogs are her passion and she treats her clients like friends. She is definitely an outstanding person to do business with. Her integrity is beyond reproach. Thank you Sabine for my sweet Annie. She is a bundle of joy, so full of energy and beautiful to boot. People are always amazed at her coloring.

vanya - Posted about 5 years ago.

If I could give Sabine ten paws I would. We did our research and talked to several breeders before going with Sabine. She was great from the beginning. She continues to give expert advice long after we received our puppy. She is only a phone call away with any concerns we might have. We might have the best puppy in the world. The litter box training he had when we got him was great for our apartment living. He is healthy and happy and more fun than we could imagine.

Haley - Posted about 5 years ago.

I got a little peekapoo from Sabine a little over a year ago and I can't even begin to tell you how pleased I am with our precious little guy. Lucky was already litter box trained when I got him, which amazes all of my friends when they come by my house:-) He is by far the sweetest little guy and just loves being around adults and children. I never had a dog in my life that has such a wonderful temperament until I got our little peekapoo! Sabine knows what she is doing and I would recommend her to everyone I know who's looking to add a furry member to their family:-)

Debbie - Posted about 5 years ago.

Searched the country and was not happy with those I talked to until i met sabine. I ended up buying 2. Zoe and chloe. Since then my sister bought a poodle named her Macy. The vet impressed how behaved, healthy and great personality. The groomer and the girls can"t wait for "spa" day. They are a joy. Sabine called their personalities dead on. Chloe is little and the boss and a devil. Zoe is laid back and a lover. they keep us hoppin and laughing! Would recommend Sabine to anyone looking for a healthy well cared for puppy.

Janice - Posted about 5 years ago.

I got my beautiful Chloe from Sabine 4 years ago this past Christmas. When we picked her up she was a wiggly, beautiful and friendly pup. She cried all the way home because she wanted her mommy back. Over 2 hours. Lol. When I took her to the vet he remarked that he could tell she had come from a very hands on breeder because she was so healthy and friendly. My groomer told me I should enter Chloe in the waggiest tail contest because hers never stops wagging. If you are lucky enough to get one of Sabine's pups you will never regret choosing her business to purchase your new family member from.

Connie - Posted about 5 years ago.

I met Sabine this past Sept. to get my Izzy. She is a small miniature black poodle, and is just about the cutest, sweetest and smartest puppy I've ever seen! I did a lot of Internet research before I chose a breeder, and I can tell you I made the perfect choice. The website is full of information - helpful and informative. And if there anything you need that you don't see addressed on the site, Sabine is quick to answer. The puppies are well prepared for their new homes. Izzy was even litter box trained! I have passed the Poodle Pleasures information on to several friends, and highly recommend them to anyone interested!

Lauren - Posted about 5 years ago.

We bought a beautiful blue Merle mini poodle almost a year ago from Sabine . Chip has such a beautiful disposition and is loved by all ! Sabine was wonderful to deal with she answered all of our questions and put up with us switching puppies last minute. We had Chip shipped to Bangor and picked him up there to bring back to our home in Canada. Chip was in perfect health condition and you could tell he had been well cared for . I would highly recommend getting a new pup from Sabine . We thought we had just added a new puppy to our home but we also received a long distance friend ! We remain in contact with Sabine and she is always there to answer any questions we have ! Thanks again , Lauren, Cody and all the furbabies

Betty - Posted about 5 years ago.

We bought the most wonderful peekapoo from Sabine a year ago. Her name is Polly and she is healthy and so smart. Sabine's description of her size, color and, best of all, personality was right on. We are so pleased with Sabine and her kennel we are in the process of purchasing another puppy from her. She is always available for advice. I can't say enough about how easy the process was and how fabulous the puppy is that we acquired.

Meredith - Posted about 5 years ago.

I have never seen a merle poodle in my life and found one here at Poodle Pleasure. I adopted a 6 month old silver merle male and he joined our family and was part of it from the start! He is happy and healthy and just an all around sweet, playful puppy. I highly recommend Sabine, she was easy to work with to get all the paperwork and airline information together to have our puppy flown to us. She made everything so effortless and we couldn't be happier with our beautiful miniature boy. Her website is full of great info too on everything you need to help with bringing a puppy home! She also was great with any questions we had.

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