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American Pit Bull Terrier
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About Me

Producing quality not quantity, Samurai Bullies brings weightpull Chevy Red Champion Bloodline collaborated with Castillo's working dog Bloodline to bring to you XL Working Family Dogs. Colors range from Red, Red-Brindle, to Fawn & Chocolate. Pups are UKC Registered. $1000 special on 116lb STUD. We focus on bringing the best quality of show and work drive together! All our dogs have exceptional temperaments around other animals, kids and families while being top athletic champions! We train our dogs for weight pull and the show ring although they are also great as home and family pets. All dogs/puppies come with a "Forever Home" Guarantee Contract. We are responsible breeders and owners and our goal is continue and save the Pit Bull/Bully Breed in its finest!

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