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Welcome to Highborn Havanese located in the suburbs 40 minutes north of Hartsfield Atlanta Airport in Georgia. We offer AKC rare breed Havanese puppies to select homes. Our breeding adults have been painstakingly chosen. Our foundation sire (Zeke) comes from a wonderful pedigree, imported from Hungary..champion sired. Our new red male ( Almendares Kashmir) has been imported from London. He is champion sired by the 2015 Poland Winner and 3x Crufts qualifier Joyaseda's Joker at Almendares. 2 of our girls are imported as well and their pedigrees may be viewed on our website. At Highborn, our first responsibility is to our pups. We only place our pups in homes that are a match for this breed and right now we have a perfect score in puppy placement...this means that none of our pups have ever been returned & are happily residing in their forever homes. I am proud to know where each of my pups are and maintain contact with all of my puppy families. We presently have puppies in 7 different States. We pride ourselves on honesty and placing healthy pups with high intelligence and great personalities with families that understand the Havanese is a 15+ year commitment. Please feel free to check out our website which holds a wealth of in-depth information, pictures and links to the pedigrees of our dogs as well as nutritional information for your pets.

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Melissa - Posted 14 days ago.

Julie Pollock’s Highborne Havanese is the concierge-level expierence you deserve when finding that special pup that will become a part of your family! Unlike other, less discerning breeders, Julie is selective in her choice of clients, making sure each Highborne Havanese pup will have the happiest of home lives with parents who can devote the time, attention and resources to the care they deserve. Our Moose is an absolute joy to have, the quintessential baby brother, to his older brother, Oliver. We simply cannot imagine life before they came to brighten it!! Endlessly knowledgeable and available to answer questions large and small, you can put your trust in Julie Pollock and Highborne Havanese as your Havanese breeder of choice.

Suzanne - Posted 3 months ago.

After a long illness with our last dog, our vet recommended Julie to us. We could not be happier with our new addition! Julie is a wonderful breeder and her pups are simply the best. She loves her dogs and their pups. She takes excellent care of all the dogs and is always available to answer questions from her anxious and excited puppy parents. We are thrilled we found her and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Havanese.

Janice - Posted 3 months ago.

Our friends recommended Julie to us and after meeting their puppy Rosie, we knew that we wanted a Havanese. From the very first phone call, we knew that we wanted one of her puppies. Through the waiting period, Julie sent us updates on the breeding process and videos when the puppies were born. It is very apparent that Julie LOVES her babies. She takes wonderful care of all her dogs. She sent us information on nutrition and vaccinations and training tips and is always available to answer questions. We love our sweet Leia so much! She has brought so much joy to our lives. We highly recommend Julie if you would like one of these sweet amazing Havanese puppies to love.

Stacie - Posted about 1 year ago.

Julie is an amazing breeder and we can't begin to explain how awesome our experience has been. She works tirelessly on the health and well-being of the pups and makes sure they are ready for their forever homes. The pups are well adjusted and so sweet. You will have access to watch them from birth until home-going via video. She will educate you on what food is best, how to train, etc. She is simply the BEST!

Connie - Posted about 1 year ago.

Julie is not just a breeder. She cares about the Havanese breed. She works with her puppies from birth to help them become healthy, well-adjusted pets. My previous Havanese didn’t know what grass was until I brought him home. Julie makes sure her puppies experiences the outside world. She educates her puppies about where to potty. Her education of her puppies doesn’t stop there. She is very helpful to the new owners. She provides a goody bag with not only toys for the new puppy, but lots of good information for taking care of your new puppy. She also tells you to call her if you have any additional questions. I would definitely recommend Julie’s puppies.

June - Posted about 1 year ago.

A friend recommended us to Julie. We searched and searched for the right breeder for a long time, so we were very excited when we met Julie, her family and pups! She is absolutely amazing! She loves her puppies and is meticulous in how she cares for them. In addition, she takes the time to ensure you’re educated about the breed, the food they should eat, grooming and training. We’ve had Havanese from other breeders previously, but none compare. We’ve learned so much from Julie about medications, foods, obedience training, specifics of the breed, etc. We highly recommend Highborn Havanese and Julie. If we get a second pup, it will definitely be from Julie! Thanks to Julie for bringing this beautiful little girl “India” into our lives!

David - Posted over 1 year ago.

I would highly recommend Julie! From the onset of us looking for a puppy she took time on the phone to help educate us about what to look for in a breeder and how to find a healthy pup. She even recommended other breeders being that she had a waiting list. You can tell she loves dogs and cares about the puppies and that they go to a good home. First class all the way -- if we ever get another Havanese it will be with Julie again!

Kathleen - Posted over 1 year ago.

Growing up I was told “you don’t choose a puppy, you choose a breeder.” Julie is absolutely amazing! She is so generous with her knowledge and time, from my first inquiry about getting a puppy to crate training advice once my pup was home, Julie is there to help. She cares about her pups and clients deeply and knows her dogs. Due to life circumstances it took 3 years from when I first contacted Julie to bringing one of her puppies home and she was incredibly patient and kind every step of the way. Finding a reputable breeder can be a daunting and difficult task but Julie made it so easy to verify her credentials (she invites you to her home to meet her dogs and happily provides references from her vet and past clients upon request) and cares very much about where her pups go. I’m so happy I decided to get my puppy from her, she is beautiful and so far has been easy to train. I’m confident knowing I have Julie for support for my dog’s entire life. I happily referred her to my grandparents and would recommend anyone wanting a Havanese, especially those in the Southeast, give her a call when selecting a breeder.

Kayle - Posted over 1 year ago.

My family and I now have a total of three Havanese from Julie! We love this breed and it’s reassuring to know they are coming from someone who loves them just as much as us! Amazing breeder! I highly recommend her for any of your Havanese needs!

William - Posted almost 2 years ago.

We would highly recommend Julie as she takes pride and care in the breeding of her Havanese. Little Phebe is a true joy in your life.

Catherine - Posted almost 2 years ago.

JASPER - There are not enough words to express how much joy Jasper has brought to our lives!! Julie is truly amazing!! From the beginning of the adoption process, she was always available to answer questions and made the process seamless from beginning to end. She is ethical, professional and knowledgeable in her breeding practices. After visiting Jasper, my husband and I had no doubts that we had chosen the right breeder. And we did alot of research before making our final decision. If you are looking for a quality puppy that is has a delightful personality, Highborn Havanese is your best choice!!

Frances - Posted almost 2 years ago.

If your heart is set on a havanese puppy, count your blessings that Julie Pollock of Highborn Havanese has a heart and mind committed to her adult havanese and all her puppies. There are so many aspects to cover....when you speak to Julie and meet her in her home, you are entirely comforted about the process of getting a havanese puppy from one of her litters. Julie’s knowledge, intelligence, care, attention to detail, concern and love is just awesome and admirable. Aside from all of this.... her puppies are absolutely the most adorable. Julie keeps in touch with you after you bring your puppy home and is always available to answer any questions you may have. We are huge fans and feel so fortunate to have found her and her wonderful family.

Erika - Posted almost 2 years ago.

Absolutely amazing! Julie has raised the bar for breeders and they really should take notice. Not only does she keep you informed about the puppies each week, she is always available to answer questions and give great advice based on years of experience. She genuinely cares about you and her puppies. Her program allows an easy transition for puppies going into their forever homes, which makes life enjoyable for both the new owner and puppy. At nine weeks old, my boy is sleeping through the night without any accidents in his crate and well on his way to being fully house trained. It’s hard to imagine a four pound puppy being so perfect, but here we are!

Britt - Posted almost 2 years ago.

Julie is not only an amazing breeder but a delight to speak with. You see her heart into the caring and raising the dams and the puppies. I have not had a puppy in many years so I had done quite a bit of research on the breed. We love our little Remy! Thankfully we got to visit with him almost weekly before we brought him home. Julie was so gracious to let us come and connect with him, as well as play and meet his siblings. She is an absolute gem and God gave her a special gift. I have a feeling Remy is not our last Highborn Havanese.

Nadia - Posted almost 2 years ago.

The absolute best breeder! Julie is a delight to work with. She is so knowledgeable and helpful through out the whole process. She keeps you very informed and sends so many pictures and videos. Her puppies are absolutely gorgeous. Every single one of them just beautiful. I got my sweet Bolt a few weeks ago and I am already ready for another Highborn Havanese puppy!

Leo - Posted over 2 years ago.

From the first phone call with Julie at Highborn Havanese, I was impressed with her love and knowledge of breeding. She was very personable and professional. We had a couple of home visits and was able to meet her adult dogs and a litter of puppies. Julie has a clean home and is well set up for raising puppies. While we were on the wait list, Julie would keep us informed through email and videos. I LOVED the videos! There were such a special treat. However, you did not have to wait on an email or video – Julie was always a phone call or text away. She was extremely responsive and available to answer all questions. We have had our puppy now for three weeks. She has brought more happiness and laughter in our home. And I am thrilled to report Fuzzy is doing phenomenal on potty training. It did not take her long to understand she gets a “good girl” treat if she goes on the potty pads. Fuzzy came to us well socialized and not afraid of too much. Not even the vacuum cleaner! She is smart and spunky. We were so pleased with the whole process and level of service from Julie at Highborn Havanese. I would highly recommend a quality puppy from Highborn. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Julie – we love our Fuzzy.

Ken - Posted over 2 years ago.

Julie is the most professional, friendly, engaged and caring person we encountered when looking for a pet, and once we decided to get Dickens, she was super! She does everything she can, at each point in the process, to ensure that everyone is fully informed, educated and really ready to make the lifetime commitment to a dog. She has the integrity to not proceed if everything is not right, and the enthusiasm and persistence to make it right if that is possible. We love our puppy, and he shows us every day the training, socialization, and love that Julie gave him from birth to being our forever friend. We could not imagine anyone better, and we are happy that she is now also our friend.

Anna - Posted almost 3 years ago.

I had been searching for breeders for my next Havanese and when I visited Julie Pollock, of Highborn Havanese, I was so impressed! The set up in her extremely clean and lovely home is perfect for breeding these dogs. Her home has various rooms for the pups just born and for being nursed by their mother, etc. As they grow their enclosure expands and eventually with the addition of toys and educational exercises and experiences indoors and outdoors, they are ready to leave the "nest" and go to someone's "forever" home. The pups have been so loved and cared for by Julie and her family that the result is a happy and willing puppy and a great addition to the lucky owner's life. This is what I am experiencing now with Finnegan, who just turned 9 weeks this past Monday. I have had him 9 days now and I cannot begin to express the delight I feel. The bonding was quite immediate. He is such a cooperative little puppy. I feel truly blessed. And just to note, I am 73 years old, live alone and am having to do this all on my own, and rather than feeling overwhelmed, I feel truly blessed. Having the best time and such fun! When things are difficult, I realize that I have not communicated with Finnegan properly or clearly. So in many ways, Finnegan is my teacher too! Thank you, Julie for being so professional, kind and caring. I highly recommend Julie if you are looking for a truly well developed and beautifully cared for puppy. And not to forget, Julie regularly (about every 5 - 7 days) sends videos of the new puppies as they grow and develop. She adds great insights, suggestions and information that I find really helpful now. I felt bonded with my puppy through the videos. It was such a treat watching them!

Jamie - Posted about 3 years ago.

Highly recommend Julie and Highborn Havanese. We are first time dog owners and I researched for months trying to find the right breed, and breeder for our family dog. From my first call with Julie I knew I found both. Julie is so knowledgeable and friendly and always made time to answer my questions. We looked forward to receiving her emails and videos of the puppies every couple days. She also allowed my family to come visit her home and meet the puppies and adult dogs. I couldn’t be more pleased. We brought Rufus home just over a month ago and he is the sweetest little pup. So smart, healthy and well adjusted to his new home in no time at all. What a great experience.

Isiah - Posted about 3 years ago.

Julie is terrific. She gave us a beautiful puppy for my daughter's 12th birthday. Julie is full of knowledge and is willing to assist in the initial caring for your new family member. I highly recommend Highborn Havanese as your next choice for a breeder.

Krystal - Posted about 3 years ago.

It was important to us as a first time puppy owners that we find a breeder that be patient and willing to answer a lot of questions. I was incredibly blessed to find exactly what we were looking for in Julie at Highborn Havanese. From our very first conversation - which lasted over an hour, I knew that Julie was extremely knowledgeable about the breed. I cannot even express enough how sweet, caring, knowledgeable, patient and kind Julie has been during this process. Even before we reserved our puppy, Julie allowed us to come into her home and meet her dogs and the new puppies. I visited her home at least five times if not more during the waiting period to adopt our pup. Each time, she accommodated me and my children. I never, ever got the sense that I was bothering her at any time. Each week, and often several times a week, she posted videos so that we could watch our pup and his liter mates growing, learning and playing. I know without a doubt that our Bentley would not be as outgoing, loving, brave and playful had it not been for all of the love and care Julie and her family gave him while he was in their home. Bentley has been home only 24 hours, and I have already called and texted Julie on multiple occasions. Each time she responds and encourages me to ask any and all questions I have. Five stars is just simply not enough for Julie. Just so you don't think I am overly biased, I have even spoken to two canine trainers that immediately recognized her name. Both of these trainers praised what she does and how wonderful all of her dogs are. This has been an excellent experience from praying we made it off the wait list to bringing our Bentley home yesterday. Lucky for her, we live over an hour away or I would probably be at her house weekly 😂! I highly recommend Julie and Highborn Havanese to anyone!

Marylou - Posted about 3 years ago.

I have nothing but praise for Julie Pollock and Highborn Havanese!! After losing our beloved Havanese 5 months ago, we decided it was time to get another dog. Loving the breed, we wanted another Havanese. After searching the internet, I came across the Highborn Havanese website and was so impressed with its content. I called Julie right away and I knew my search was over. Julie is an outstanding breeder and I highly recommend her if you are looking for a puppy. She is passionate about her dogs and truly loves what she does. We went to meet the litter to pick out the pup we wanted and after that, we were more than welcomed whenever we went to visit our puppy during his first 8 weeks. Julie’s puppies are raised in an exceptionally clean, safe, and loving environment. I love the fact that Julie posts and narrates videos almost everyday. Not only were we able to see him grow from a newborn to an 8-week old, but also learned a wealth of information about puppies! She answers all e-mails and phone calls and is still answering questions I have concerning my puppy. Thank you Julie for giving us Toby - he is a wonderful and beautiful addition to our family!

Kelly - Posted about 3 years ago.

Highborn Havanese pups are simply the best! Julie is an exceptional breeder who cares deeply for each puppy born at Highborn and for the families with whom she places her pups! Julie is communicative and caring throughout the entire breeding and adoption process. She is a wealth of information when it comes to having a happy, healthy home for your dog. We now have two fantastic pups from Highborn and both of our boys are handsome, healthy, smart and very social. We could not be happier and would recommend Highborn and Julie to anyone looking for a fantastic Havanese for their family!

Lila - Posted about 3 years ago.

Outstanding experience with Highborn Havanese! I have 2 Havanese- my second is from Highborn. Already loving the breed, I chose to adopt from Julie because she is a highly conscientious breeder. She raises her puppies in her own home as a part of her family. Her adult dogs are beloved pets, and the puppies are clearly adored by her whole family and community. Julie was always available to answer emails and calls. She invited me to come visit the pups with my daughter before we made our selection. She kept me informed several times per week throughout the adoption process with email updates, pictures, and videos. The puppy we adopted from her is absolutely beautiful, healthy, and is very well socialized. I highly recommend Highborn Havanese.

Janice - Posted over 3 years ago.

Julie, is an exceptional breeder and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in a wonderful Havanese puppy. We were able to meet Julie and her 6 Havanese dogs and learn a great deal about the breed and not only was she interviewing us but we were doing the same and what a success. After four months we received Obie our wonderful, well adjusted puppy. Through out this process Julie sent out weekly videos so we could see how the puppies were progressing. She answered our emails immediately and showed great professionalism. We are lucky to live near her and hope to stay in touch for a longtime. Jan Colpitts

Sandra - Posted over 4 years ago.

Highborn Havanese brings puppies to a new level! Of course the most important thing is that the puppies are loved and cared for by the owner. Julie does that in SPADES, or Hearts or by any measurement. She simply knows her business, cares for the puppies, and does it very, very well. The most innovative thing she does is her video record of the puppies. After the selections were made, we could follow our puppy and watch his progress until the day we picked her up. Not only that, you could see how much she cares for the all the dogs she has. We loved watching her correct her own dogs, and begin to use the puppies new names, which is very helpful. I must say that it has been delightful dealing with a real professional. Thank you Julie for your attention, your diligence, and your love for these precious ones. Best of all- we just love our ViVi.

Monica - Posted over 4 years ago.

I lost my two Havanese in the last year. I told myself and my husband we could never replace them because of how much they were part of the family. My husband couldn't handle the heartbreak and the quietness of our home, SO he started to investagate Havanese websites without me knowing it. He ran into the site of Highborn Havaneses and he just clicked with Julie and the rest is the result of a beautiful female named GG. She has been the best thing we could have done. Julie is a remarkable and most loving breeder I have ever met. I would never hesitate to recommend her. My GG is now 5mo. old and is the smartest dog I've seen. Love and miss my Fudgenut and KC but meeting Julie was the best thing we ever did.

Gretchen - Posted almost 5 years ago.

Julie, her family and her dogs are absolutely wonderful. We lost our boy Havanese early in 2016 and our girl was missing him. After my husband did in depth research, on different breeders, he contacted Julie. After speaking with her on the phone it was very apparent that she cares about the breed and her puppies so much. Her abundant knowledge of the Havanese breed was very evident. We (including our girl) visited with her and her dogs both before the pups where born and numerous times after. She makes herself available and always replies to emails within the day. Any time we had a question or a concern she got back to us quickly with advice. Even after we took Bentley home, she is still available for questions, concerns and training advise. Julie is such a kind person and it really shows in how she raises and breeds her dogs.

Jan - Posted almost 5 years ago.

Julie of Highborn Havanese is a breeder with high ethical and professional standards. I first spoke with Julie 7 months before I took my baby home. From the first phone call to emails/texts, I have been an active partner in seeing/participating in Tessie's life (before, during and after pregnancy). Truly a seasoned and compassionate breeder who loves this breed and all furbabies.

Mimi - Posted almost 5 years ago.

Julie was a pleasure to work with! She truly cares about her pets and this was evident by the way she breeds and cares for her dogs. We were EXTREMELY pleased with our experience and she was very helpful with every step of the process. Bertha has been such a gift to our family! I would unconditionally recommend Highborn Havanese for anyone interested in this breed. Julie is amongst the most reputable breeders you will find. Thank you!

Linda - Posted almost 5 years ago.

Having researched Havanese for a couple of months, one call to Julie finalized which breeder was for us. Julie was very personable, knowledgeable, and informative about the breed and her Havanese. Once the pups were born, Julie sent multiple videos weekly. Julie and Becca's litter welcomed us for visits. We had a hard time deciding on our pup... could have adopted the entire litter. One kiss from Luke and we were head over heels for him... smitten from the start. Julie started training with the pups. Luke knows his name and is almost completely trained to "go" outside...a very well socialized pup! Cannot say enough good things about the breed and Highborn Havanese. Thanks Julie, you're the best! Janet and Linda

Samantha - Posted almost 5 years ago.

Our Rosie came from Julie at Highborn Havanese. She made everything about getting a puppy easy. She answered any questions I had during our wait time and even after we got to bring her home. Exceptional experience and I would highly recommend Julie and Highborn to anyone!

Annette - Posted about 5 years ago.

We spend a lot of time looking at puppies and breeders. We found none that went to the lengths that Highborn did as far as caring for the puppies, preparing the puppies and the new owners of the puppies, information for all things related to dogs and not just their puppies. By far the most knowledgeable of any of the breeders we contacted. A great experience and considering another puppy but only if it comes from Julie.

Destan - Posted about 5 years ago.

Got Lulu from Julie at Highborn. She has been nothing but spectacular in answering questions, providing advice, and just being there when you need her. Great experience she serves the breed very well. Thank you Julie!

Amy - Posted about 5 years ago.

Julie was the first person that I contacted regarding expanding our family with a Havanese. Her website is exemplary of the true heartfelt commitment, dedication, and love for this breed. Throughout my journey, I spoke to other breeders as well - but my heart continued to go back to where love and truth existed with Julie. I didn't make the first waiting list, or the second. But the wait for the third was more than worth it! Julie spent so much time answering my questions, sending videos and pictures of the babies - without my asking. It's no surprise, she became a dear friend whom I adore. We were completely prepared for Eli's arrival to his home here with us. He was already use to sleeping in a crate (with his brothers/sister) - and very familiar with where to 'do his sweet lil business' . . so the training was already under way. All we had to do, was follow Julie's lead. Occasionally, questions still come up - and Julie is still the pool of knowledge, love, and kindness that I need - and any new puppy owner needs. On top of that, any news that comes about pertinent to the care of these babies .. Julie will always be in touch with you to make sure you have the total truth for the life of your pet. My life is changed forever, I am in LOVE with my beautiful, smart, funny little furry angel - he is the light of our life. Thanks be to GOD, for placing Julie in my path!

Debbie - Posted over 5 years ago.

I had my first conversation with Julie at Highborn Havanese more than a year before we got our beautiful boy from her. Because of the commitment to serve the breed as well as potential customers/new owners of the breed that I sensed on her website, I contacted her to chat and learn more. She probably spent an hour answering my questions. When we were finally ready to bring a Havanese into our lives, I called her again - and it was as if we picked up where we left off. During the 'bun in the oven' time, Julie gave us updates. During the 8 weeks after the birth, we got pictures, updates, and videos a few times a week regarding the puppies' progress. Julie laid out a schedule for picking out our puppy; she gave us a list of recommended things to do or get to prepare for our puppy to come to live with us. She organized a schedule for pick-up of our puppy so everyone would have time to ask her questions. After we brought Oliver home, she was available to answer questions and provide guidance as needed. Then, we sent her pictures and kept her up to date on his progress. Julie seems to somehow remember each of her many puppies!! Its amazing. Even almost a year later, Julie and I are still in contact with each other and I enjoy sharing photos of Ollie as he continues to grow. Our puppy has completed our family - he shares life with a rescue kitty and they've become best friends. I highly recommend Julie and Highborn Havanese!

Judy - Posted over 5 years ago.

Julie is a wonderful breeder. She cares about her dogs and her clients -and is always there to help in any way she can . She is a wealth of information about the Havenese breed and dogs in general. Julie is definitely someone you can trust and count on for the life of your dog, and beyond that, as a true friend. The puppies at Highborn are really beautiful and well bred. I highly recommend that you adopt your furry little baby from Julie at Highborn Havanese if at all possible.

Vickie - Posted over 5 years ago.

Talked to many breeders over the years and have never come across one as devoted to her breed and her dogs as this one! She is not only knowledgeable, but truly concerned that her puppies are going to a great home. She is not selling them like objects on the shelf that may go past their best date. I felt I was dealing with an ethical and concerned person, not a sales lady. She wants her buyers to be happy with their puppy and wants the puppy to be happy with his/her new home. Her caring does not stop when the sale is done. She makes it plain that she is always there to answer questions going forward. She has been great to work with as I go thru the process of deciding.

Sheryl - Posted over 5 years ago.

Julie is one of the dearest people I've ever met. We talked on the phone several times and emailed each other often before the pups were born, and then the day finally came when I could choose my puppy. Because Julie sent out videos of the puppies, I could watch their progress and went to Acworth to choose a dark haired pup and ended up choosing another one instead. My sweet Ivy was a year old in April and is solid white, which was a bit of a surprise. Julie takes breeding these dogs very seriously and takes such good care of them. They are in her home and have contact with humans from the time they are born. When I brought Ivy home, she knew her name and how to use a puppy pad. She still interacts with other dogs very well. I highly recommend Julie if you are looking for a reputable breeder.

Leslie - Posted over 5 years ago.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience with Julie at Highborn Havanese! My family was blessed with a gorgeous, chocolate female that we named Ivy. Julie, unlike several other breeders that I'd encountered, is extremely knowledgeable not only about this particular breed, but about dogs in general, so she was able to provide helpful guidance before, during, and even after bringing our new family member home. Initially, I was impressed when I learned that Julie is perfectly willing to "talk dogs" with anyone calling for information...even if they do not intend to purchase directly from her. She is also an excellent resource for reputable breeders, because she values the most important aspects of both breeding, and choosing the right pup for your family. I also loved the way she kept us informed from the pregnancy announcement, to pregnancy progress reports, to every important (and cute) developmental detail about our little fur-baby. It was also comforting to know that our pups are appropriately socialized prior to leaving for their forever homes. For her, this is not just a business. Julie genuinely loves each and every single one of these pup, and that makes all the difference in the world...

Mark - Posted over 5 years ago.

Our boy Bandit is a Highborn Havanese. Great little guy who's cute, smart, loyal & loving. We are very happy to have him &, he's definitely part of the family. Julie is a concerned & caring breeder, who loves her dogs & is always available to the families - I would highly recommend Highborn Havanese....

Kristy - Posted over 5 years ago.

Julie is awesome! Although I did not get a puppy from Highborn, Julie has been great with talking to me and giving advice. I have spoken and emailed with her multiple times. She is a great person and I know you will be very impressed with her and Highborn!

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