About Us

In the United States alone there are...

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85 Million Dogs

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60 Million Households

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20,000+ Breeders

Sadly, such high population statistics are also prevalent in animal shelters, as a large number of dogs are returned even within the first year of ownership. And while this cause can be attributed to the dog owner in many cases, careless breeding practices continue to be a major factor.

Our aim at Search Breeders

To provide a better way for pet owners to find and research nearby breeders, with a review community to reward honest breeders and minimize bad practices.

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We're up to 70% cheaper than our competitors. See a breakdown of our pricing at SearchBreeders.com/Pricing


We created Search Breeders with state of the art technology, so users can quickly and easily navigate our breeder database. Unlike our competitors, we’re not bogged down with tons of ads that distract the users away from breeder pages, and slow the loading speeds.


Some of our competitors commit horrendous security offenses like sending emails with PLAIN TEXT PASSWORDS. We employ password encryption (to us, your password looks like a long string of jibberish ex. sfjx8273I!!@&s32j) and do not store any credit card data.


This means dog owners will be able to truly search by NEAREST, even if that means the state next door. And you don’t need to pay for additional listings in each state, unlike someone of our competitors.


For a simple profile without the extra bells and whistles, we won’t charge you a thing. You can still benefit from a customized listing in our database, and increased promotion of your business and brand.

How we got started

We started to notice a pattern when asking friends & family about finding their pup, frequently hearing that it was not an easy process.

We found that most commonly, people started their search by Word of Mouth (good), or by simply scouring the Internet (not so good).

Word of mouth is a fantastic option, but is not always realistic particularly when considering a specific breed in a nearby location (say you want a Weimaraner near Philadelphia, PA). The Internet offers a lot of information, but without a consolidated place to search, proves to be inconsistent.

The process is at best lengthy and uncertain – at worst heartbreaking for you and your puppy subject to sub par breeding practices. We sought out to change things, by creating a database organized by geographic location and breed, to locate most/all breeders in your area, with bios, pictures, stories, ratings and reviews – and further to build something with a better user experience and review system than any similar sites on the web.

This is only the beginning, and we appreciate all of your help in honestly reviewing your breeder experiences as we attempt to improve the breeding community.

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Yes, we will list any breeder - good or bad - that’s the point! This way, pet seekers can access information on which breeders to avoid as well as those to target. Currently, plenty of breeders misrepresent themselves as responsible when they are anything but, and dog owners may end up with a pet that has health, behavior, and/or temperament issues. By relying on the aggregate population of users on the Internet, we can provide real insight into all breeders.
Yes. We perform periodic audits of a selection of reviews to minimize fake posts. If you are a breeder, and have a customer list you wish to provide, we will willingly contact them as well.
We say, great, thanks for doing things the right way! But unfortunately prospective pet owners may not know the difference between you and a sub par breeder (that may be closer to home) without extensive research. Particularly on the web, it’s difficult to find a single place to compare breeders directly. Listing on our site will only help to further the distance between the good and the bad! And of course, if you are contacted and do not have available puppies, you can direct the pet seeker to another responsible option.
No. Our basic listing tier is absolutely free. We do offer paid account tiers for breeder businesses looking to take advantage of additional features (more pictures, live litter notification tags, etc.), but a paid membership has no influence on rating.
It’s a great option, but it’s not for everyone. And as long as pet owners are working with breeders there needs to be a way to find the best breeder nearby. For those interested in adoption, there are plenty of resources, with http://www.aspca.org/ being the most obvious place to start.
You can create a customized profile at searchbreeders.com/signup and we will transfer any existing ratings and reviews, and remove your existing unclaimed profile from the listings database.
We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or ideas by emailing Info@SearchBreeders.com and we will do our best to get back to you! Thanks!